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Oculus Picks: 5 Quest Games with Brains and Brawn
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Finding the perfect VR game to play isn’t always easy these days. On the Oculus Store, you’ll find thousands of games available for Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and the Rift Platform, with more arriving every single week.

We’re here to help. Every week, we’re going to dig through the Oculus Store catalog for trending titles and hidden gems from a variety of genres and play styles, from shooters and sports games to RPGs and puzzlers. This week, we’re starting with three new collections that’ll stretch your muscles and exercise your mind.

The Top 5 Action Games
Jumping into one of these hand-picked action experiences is the perfect way to see (and feel) some of the best VR gaming has to offer. Packed with futuristic shootouts, magical duels, and pulse-pounding battles, you’re sure to find your next favorite action game right here. So grab your Touch controllers, clear some floor space, and get ready to be the hero.

The Best 5 Battle Arena Games
Battle arenas drop you in the middle of enemy-infested territory with few options but to stand and fight. Surrounded by waves of hostile combatants, you’ll need to move like your life depends on it; because here, it totally does. If you think you’re ready to stare death in the face and claim your victory, then give any one of these hand-picked games a try.

The Best 5 Puzzle Games
There’s nothing better than a good puzzle to get your cerebral juices flowing. Below, we’ve picked our favorite brain-teasing experiences for you to try, from the nail-bitingly tense Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes to the chilling mysterious of Red Matter. Whether you’re new to puzzle games, or just new to puzzlers in VR, you’re sure to find your next favorite right here.

Stay tuned for more must-play games and collections coming next week!

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