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Put Up Your Dukes in ‘Knockout League,’ Now Available on Oculus Quest!
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Game developer Grab Games is releasing their single-player arcade style VR boxing title Knockout League today on Oculus Quest. Described by UploadVR as the “VR iteration of Nintendo’s classic arcade-style boxing game, Punch-Out!,” Knockout League is a cartoony and over-the-top 1980s-inspired game that delivers a one-two punch that will keep bringing you back for another round. Previously available on the Rift Platform, Knockout League also offers cross-buy support, so owners of the Rift version can get it for free on Quest.

Punch, dodge, and block your way to victory against nine animated opponents, like Scurvy Jones, a sword-wielding pirate with a tough uppercut, or Sir Octopunch, a British octopus that can punch hard and keep his hat in place! Train for your boxing matches with Coach Doug Johnson in four different mini-games, from dodge drills to the speed bag, as you hone your skills. Each character has their own fighting style, requiring you to master your opponent’s attack, with matches getting more difficult as you progress. Opponents even have their own animated background stories, so you can learn more about your favorite characters as you play.

Whether you’re playing for a fun time or a daily workout, Knockout League will make you sweat until you deliver the final blow. Reminiscence about your favorite ’80s 2D boxing games in this VR experience that really packs a punch. Play Knockout League today on Oculus Quest or the Rift Platform.

We’ll see you in the ring!

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